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Spring Fever and How to Cool Down

By Alyse de Leon

With the sun peaking out gloriously through the clouds, I found myself reaching for my favorite sundress and flip flops. This week felt as if the drudgery of rain and winter had been left behind.

Spring is in the air and I have Spring Fever.

In class Monday while walking around campus, all of the things I could be doing instead of sitting through another lecture ran through my mind. I pictured myself going on a hike, lounging by a pool with a book or having to lunch and going wine tasting. I was so close to not going to class. As I contemplated my next move I thought about my priorities.

Ultimately (read unfortunately), I decided to do the responsible thing and go to class. After all I am paying for it and the benefits outweigh the harm.  I would be prepared for the next class and I wouldn’t worry about whether or not I missed a pop quiz. Also the assuage of guilt wouldn’t overwhelm me as I drank a glass of champagne. I count those as all plusses.

As the weather gets nicer, think about how close this semester is coming to coming to an end. We’re almost there and spring break is only a week away! It’s so close I can almost taste it. To ward off the seduction of relaxing all day, I would grab a refreshing drink, ice cream or whatever you fancy, and take a stroll or study outside. Bask in the sun in Memorial Glade and get your summer tan on in between classes. Stop by your favorite coffee shop to get the energy make it through class.

The freedom of summer is almost yours (unless you have summer class or an internship). Just remember long term versus short term goals and get to class!


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